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Most of us are thoroughly accustomed with DC villain/antihero Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn.

Batman Cake

Batman Custom Cake | Batman Cake

Batman Custom Cake | Batman Cake | Batman Cake

Batman Cake

Initially a nameless Joker henchwoman in Batman: The Activated Series, Harley was again added developed to be the perpetually acclimated and abused Bonnie to Joker’s certifiable Clyde– a adverse butt whom the Joker auspiciously bamboozled with crocodile tears and alpine tales, as abundant in architect Paul Dini’s story Mad Love.

However, the accepted DC appearance accomplished a new akin of ballyhoo aback Margot Robbie brought her to activity in Suicide Squad, there bushing the role as antihero and Joker’s paramour.

Although Suicide Squad wasn’t beloved, best admirers agreed that Margot Robbie brought the necessary zest and camp activity to Harley Quinn

However, a above point of altercation with Suicide Squad was that it romanticised Joker and Harley’s messed up relationship; at the absolute least, the movie added layers and layers of appearance to the Joker’s adverse manipulations and vicious abuse.

Though a children’s animation could be forgiven for littoral about agitated depictions of calm abuse, it seemed odd that a movie absorbed up as “dark and edgy,” and directed by David Ayer no less, would do the same.

However, while it’s accurate that the Joker inflicted on Harley Quinn horror after horror, it’s additionally accurate that Harley Quinn has been absolutely able of burdensome animus on her lover/tormentor/puddin’.

Whether it be by arresting at his vanity and ego — or actually arresting him — there’ve been a few acclamation aces moments over the years aback Harley got one over the Joker.

Here are the 15 Worst Things Harley Has Done To The Joker.

In Harley Quinn #25, Harley Quinn gives Joker a continued behind adamantine goodbye — by bitter off a allotment of his lip.

By this time in her life, Harley was able-bodied and absolutely alfresco of the Joker’s apple of access and had become a bigger being — or at atomic a beneath abominable and co-dependent person.

However, the insanely violent Harley was still ambuscade central this new Harley when, during a atrocious bid to chargeless her admirer Mason from prison, the Joker goaded and taunted Harley like she was still his comedy thing.

Harley enters his corpuscle to calmly cut ties from him for good. However, the Joker keeps blame her buttons, like he does.

Then she beats him to a pulp, alike disturbing off a allotment of his basal lip aback he tries to force himself on her.

In the Batman: The Activated Series episode “Harley’s Holiday”, the aboriginal adventure in which Harley is afar from the Joker’s shenanigans, Harley Quinn leaves Arkham Asylum with a apple-pie bill of brainy bloom and additional adventitious at a accustomed life.

However, Harley doesn’t acquisition it so accessible to escape her anarchic accomplished aback an adventure at a arcade bazaar escalates, and, aural the bulk of a day, reverts to crime.

During this episode, Batman displays absolutely a bit of benevolence for Harley, advancement her not to bandy abroad her abandon so rashly. Afterwards giving Batman the old runaround, he saves her from about falling to her afterlife and allotment her to Arkham Asylum.

Finally, he reveals a alikeness to Harley, confessing that he too suffered from “one bad day.” Batman again gives Harley the dress she bought from the boutique.

Overcome with happiness, Harley kisses him. It’s a abounding on smooch that causes even the Aphotic Knight to able a smile.

Your adherent kissing your affidavit enemy? That’s gotta be rough.

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In an alternating absoluteness of the DC Universe, in the video game Injustice: Gods Amid Us, Harley Quinn assuredly snaps and takes the Joker’s life.

After acquisition Superman, a assured Harley Quinn and the Joker acclaimed with a bells that “set Gotham ablaze.”

The Joker makes the aberration of playfully mashing Harley’s face into the bells cake. With Harley still wielding the august bells block knife, the Joker’s throat is cut accessible in one abrupt movement. She was bedevilled to Arkham Asylum for life, still acid her bells dress.

All it took to able Harley’s well-practiced adherence to the Joker was, in the admirable arrangement of their agitated accord at least, a accessory goof. This is funny in a anarchic array of way, and appropriate.

In Injustice: Gods Amid Us Year 2, it was arise that Harley Quinn had been befitting her babe Lucy a abstruse from her bloodthirsty antic of a lover. This was not aloof for a baby bulk of time either– Lucy is four years old aback Harley reveals this bombshell.

Its abode on this account adeptness assume arguable at first. Afterwards all, this adeptness be one of the alone noble, affectionate accomplishments Harley Quinn has committed in her accomplished life.

However, through the absolutely ailing point of appearance of the Joker it’s absolutely awful; not alone was he denied his flesh-and-blood afterwards his knowledge, but he was additionally denied addition amusement through which he could accession a allegorical killer. Gotta feel a little bad for Mister J.

If there’s any big bad who’s gonna off the Bat, it’s gonna be the Joker. Anybody who gets amid Joker and Batman’s amaranthine action will accept hell to pay.

In Paul Dini’s Mad Love, Harley Quinn concocts a banana and abominable plan to end the Aphotic Knight’s life, in a tragically backwards accomplishment to win the Joker’s account and absorbed attention.

The plan involves Batman strung upside bottomward with his arch biconcave in a angle catchbasin abounding of athirst piranhas.

The joke, Harley agreeably explains, is that from Batman’s upside bottomward point of view, the avaricious fish’ frown will arise as a smile. “Brilliant,” Batman deadpans.

This plan enrages Joker to no end. Both the actuality that she would abolish Batman from his aberrant “chess of life” game, and that Harley had to explain how the antic worked, accordingly precluding any laughs.

The direct-to-video Batman: Assault on Arkham begins with Harley Quinn as a chargeless abettor (at atomic until she’s forcibly recruited to be a affiliate of a abstruse atramentous ops accumulation Task Force X — the Suicide Squad), because she’s fed up with the Joker afterwards years and years of his abuse.

During a Task Force X mission, Harley and Deadshot appear to run afield of the Joker, who’s bound up in Arkham Asylum.

All Joker has to do to get Harley to try to end his life is ask if she still has the “bruises.” With annihilation instantly in her heart, Harley steals Deadshot’s gun and pumps a abounding armament account of bullets into his tiny cell.

The bullets backlash and absolute about put the Joker six anxiety under. The Joker’s burning attending of authentic abhorrence while the bullets animation about is a attenuate armpit indeed.

“Joker’s Millions” is absolutely one of the added blithe and amusing episodes of Batman: The Activated Series. The conceit is that a thoroughly broke, bankrupt Joker inherits millions of dollars from a asleep relative.

Joker uses some of that money to appoint a new Harley Quinn afterwards abrogation the absolute Harley Quinn abandoned at the arena of a crime.

Upon learning from the black account that Joker was hosting auditions for a new sidekick, Harley seethed and advised her revenge.

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Her animus complex some acceptable old fashioned, aboveboard brutality. Afterwards breaking out of bastille and assuming as a cop, Harley Quinn gave the Joker a complete thrashing with a policeman’s nightstick– offscreen, of course.

Nonetheless, it articulate absolutely aching and acceptable that Harley bankrupt a few bones.

In Batman Adventures #3, Harley is abashed to apprentice that her admired bloodthirsty puddin’ has been sapped of all his acidity and aphotic wit– the medication he was on in Arkham Asylum angry him into a harmless, lovey-dovey dope.

Harley Quinn again devises a absurd arrangement to get her old bonkers Joker back. She hires an apache to booty him out, acquisitive that the shock of it will restore his august aberration and unpredictability. Failing that, she affidavit that she’ll avenge his afterlife by murdering the assassin.

It doesn’t assignment out. However, what does assignment out is Harley kissing Batman appropriate in advanced of the Joker, cheeky that she consistently adopted Batman to the Joker.

This causes Joker to instantly backslide to his above arduous persona, abundant to Harley’s delight. It’s a fun little mirror adaptation of Mad Love.

After acid ties with the Joker for acceptable in Harley Quinn #25 with a burst lip and a few bruises, Harley’s adverse finishing move is to assuredly weaponise her psychology acumen to anguish the Joker’s ego by advertisement aloof how affecting he is.

“I assuredly get why Batman never aloof asleep you all these years. It would accord you absolutely watcha want.”

Aside from Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and Harley Quinn in this issue, few accept managed to cut through the Joker’s alarming attitude with such precision.

The Joker has a affectionate of abnormal adeptness to alleviate from abhorrent concrete wounds and beatings; but Harley Quinn alive the ability dynamics so brutally, alike for aloof a moment, is a blister that will mar the arrogant Antic Prince of Abomination for absolutely some time.

The new banana book series Batman and Harley Quinn borrows its aesthetics and accent from Batman: The Activated Series. However, there’s one accurate subversion: Harley Quinn isn’t about as abundant of a breeze in this alternation as she was in Batman. 

To wit, in the absolute aboriginal issue, Harley always sabotages Joker’s attempts to end Batman and Nightwing’s lives.

Every weapon that Joker attempts to use adjoin the activating duo comically backfires; Harley can almost accommodate her amusement at the antic armpit of him.

The acumen for Harley’s sabotaging? The Joker doesn’t pay abundant absorption to her. She exclaims that his captivation and attraction with Batman has pushed her to her absolute and enough’s enough.

Harley’s bureau has rarely been so affably arresting as it was in this issue.

The Joker has committed abounding heinous, askance accomplishments over the years; amid them, in agreement of authentic belly horror, absolution the Dollmaker cut off his own face. Why he would acquiesce such a abominable act doesn’t assume answerable. That’s the Joker for you.

However, in Suicide Squad #7, Harley adds her own askance ambit to this. She manages to access Joker’s afresh cut face and captures Task Force X assistant Deadshot.

She again stretches out the Joker’s face and hangs it over Deadshot’s own. Harley again talks to Deadshot like he is the Joker.

A afraid and abashed Deadshot plays forth with this ailing game, until he manages to get the bead on her and shoots her.

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The aboriginal adventure to aggregation up Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and appropriately the aboriginal adventure to activate a admirable friendship, was “Harley and Ivy” in Batman: The Activated Series.

When the Joker tosses Harley out of their burrow in a bender of rage, Quinn runs into Poison Ivy aback they cantankerous paths at a building heist. They bang up an burning band and commence on a blithe abomination spree.

Meanwhile, at Joker’s hideout, his activity becomes a shambles. Again one of his lackeys nervously shows the Joker the latest headline: “New Queens of Crime.”

Joker shrieks in shock and rage. Harvey is not alone accomplishing bigger afterwards him, but she’s burglary his spotlight as Gotham’s capital crook.

It was Harley’s aboriginal aftertaste of the supervillain activity alfresco of the Joker’s shadow, and it was accomplishing and fun.

In the DC activated film Batman and Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn commits an alike worse act adjoin her above animated bloodthirsty admirer than aggravating to annihilate Batman– she teams up with him and his accomplice Nightwing to baffle all-around chaos, address of Poison Ivy.

That’s at atomic three betrayals in one appropriate there.

Batman and Harley Quinn is of a allotment with the avant-garde apotheosis of the character: a wise-cracking, Deadpool-esque antihero who isn’t codicillary on the Joker.

Less tragic, added funny — and crudely objectied to the max. Although the movie wasn’t a big hit with admirers and critics, its aftereffect comic Harley Quinn and Batman has fared abundant bigger in repurposing and modernising Batman: The Activated Series’ tone and style.

Although technically Harley Quinn and the Joker were burst up aback Quinn slept with Deadshot and after Nightwing, it’d still acute article angry to apprehend that your ex-girlfriend has slept with your battling in villainy and your enemy’s partner.

In Batman: Assault on Arkham, Harley taunts the Joker, adage that “I accept addition new now,” alike activity so far as to betoken he’s the above lover.

This triggers the Joker to no end, and best amusingly, plagues his apperception for the continuance of the movie. Aback he aboriginal confronts Deadshot in Arkham he holds him at gunpoint, “Hey, new guy! I don’t like bodies affecting my stuff.”

Harley has a abrupt appointment with Nightwing in Batman and Harley Quinn. Though Joker never finds out about it, it’s not difficult to brainstorm that it’d abash him for a moment.

“The guy is a asleep end!” Harley Quinn screams as she bliss the delusional and schizophrenic Duela Dent, aka “The Babe of the Joker” into advancing traffic.

Dent had the Dollmaker sew Joker’s decomposing face assimilate her own and had his vials of claret coursing in her veins. Aback she banned to accept account of the Joker’s death, she boarded on a abominable annihilation bacchanalia aloof to get his attention.

Her adherence to the Joker, or at atomic the abstraction of what the Joker represents, fabricated Harley Quinn’s above abstract adherence assume absolutely advantageous and normal. Joker’s Babe is alone allotment of the Suicide Squad absolute briefly, as Harley takes her out of agency with a well-placed kick.

Although this doesn’t affect the Joker directly, symbolically, there’s no greater “F you” to the Joker — to the being she acclimated to be — than this.

Can you anticipate of any added abominable things that Harley Quinn has done to the Joker? Let us apperceive in the comments!

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