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Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors


Cake surely is great for every occasion, not only perfect for wedding, birthday, but also great for graduations, gatherings and many more. There are many ideas for cake decorations that make them suited for every occasion, and our topic today is Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors For example maybe your brother or sister just graduated from medical school? Or your doctor friend has a birthday? Now it’s time to get that Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors.

Doctor cake

The first Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors is the doctor cake. The doctor cake is where the cake is shaped like doctor’s uniform being folded up, complete with the shirt, doctor’s white coat, stethoscope resting on the neck and also the name tag. You can insert your friends name here, while across of it you can write the message disguised as the hospital logo, it’s a great idea for congratulating someone.

Teeth shaped cake

There are many kinds of doctors and sometimes making Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors based on their job’s is a great idea. For example, if your friend or siblings are a dentist, then making a tooth shaped cake is really cool. Make one big molar cake, you can add some imperfections if you want and if your friends like it. If you don’t like it, then you can add a brush and some toothpaste foam, or anything you think suits the theme of the cake.

Blood sac cake

Another unique Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors is blood sac cake! Yes Blood sac! Make one big rectangular soft cake for the base and then grab a red icing sugar, then coat the cake with the icing sugar. Don’t cut the left over icing sugar, instead let them stay there this should be look like a blood sac. As for the surface you can digest your message as the label on the blood sac. You can also add other decorations as well, such as band aid small cake beside it,stethoscope or even syringe.

Doctors Equipment cake

Another idea for Cake Decorating Ideas for doctors is doctor’s equipment cake, if you like it you can make more than one smaller cake. For the main cake, you can probably make a doctor’s suitcase, and you can write your friend’s name there. As for the others you can add pills for decorations, or stethoscope, band aids or anything you can think of. But, if you want to make several cakes like this, then it’s wise to make your main cake a little smaller.





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