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Cake Decorating Ideas for Father’s Day



Father’s day may not be as popular as Mother’s day, but it doesn’t mean we can left out our father. Every June in United States, families are celebrating the Father’s Day. Traditionally the celebration includes barbeque party in the backyard and family gathering. On this day, just like mother’s day, the father will also receive gifts from the member of the family. One of the favorite gifts is a cake. here are some cake decorating ideas for father’s day if you want to show your love to your father.

Picture Frame Cake

Family picture can be a innovative cake decorating ideas for father’s day. Prepare a rectangle shaped cake as the base. Cover the whole cake with brown color fondant to give an impression of wooden frame. Choose your favorite family picture that includes everyone in the family or multiple pictures features all the members of the family doing various activities to make a photo collage. Take the picture to bakery that offers printing on an edible paper service. Arrange the picture neatly and measure them to fit on the cake. Put the picture on the top of the cake. Cut out several sheets of fondant on the same color like the base, use your creativity to carve the fondant so it will look like an artistic wooden frame. Last, write down a message to your father and place it on the corner of the picture frame.


Like all the daddies in the world, your dad must have his favorite sport. If you well aware of what your father favorite sport, you can use it as cake decorating ideas for father’s day. Start off by preparing the basic cake. Use rectangular cake that will be used as the field. Cover the cake with fondant and decorate the middle of the field with your father’s favorite team. If your father is a basketball fans, you can create small basket ball using chocolate ball and cover them with orange fondant. Browse for a cheap plastic small basketball ring on a toy store and use it to make your cake more realistic.

Or you can also make use of a heat proof bowl to create a ball cake. Use two bowls to form the sides of the ball. Put each half on top of the other and then cover it with fondant in the color of your father preferred sport. Place the ball on a serving tray and decorate the rest with butter cream icing.

There are unlimited cake decorating ideas for father’s day. You can use your creativity to celebrate the day.





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