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Cake Decorating Ideas for Mother’s Day



In a day especially made for our mothers let us celebrate it by giving something back. Our mother has been the only person who took care of us since we were baby, and mother’s day is the day we can give something in return as thanks. Here is some cake decorating ideas for mother’s day.

Flower Bouquet Cake

One cake decorating ideas for mother’s day is to make a flower bouquet cake. The purpose is to decorate a cake to resemble a pot full of flowers. First of all pile up three 6-inches diameter round cakes. Spread fruit jams or icing between each layer of round cake to hold the piles together. After that, prepare a piece of fondant, color the fondant with soil brown color that resembles a flower pot and then cover the cake with the terracotta fondant. Smooth the fondant and trim it if there is excess. Add a strip of the leftover fondant and put it around the top of the cake to rim the flower pot. Lastly use fondant and artificial edible flower to fill the pot. Add leaves that also made of fondant drape on the edge of the flower pot.

Tea Pot Cake

Another creative cake decorating ideas for mother’s day is to make an edible tea pot cake. You will need two heat-proof bowls to make the basic pot. Few days prior the mother’s day pre-mold some fondant to make the tea-pot lid, handle and spout. The two bowls will be used to bake the cake. Bake your favorite basic cake recipe then when they are ready, cut out one inch off the rounded side of each cake to make a flat surface. Put one of the cakes on the tray with the trimmed side down. Spread a layer of jam or butter cream icing on the top and the place the other cake on top of it with the larger surface face down, leaving the top with the trimmed side. Cover the pot with fondant in any color you like. Add decoration such as flowers, polka dots or vines by cutting out fondant. Lastly, put the pre-mold fondant lid, handle and spout on the cake.

Edible Photo

Food industry nowadays has a more advance technology. A new cake decorating idea for mother’s day cake is to use family picture. If creating flowers seems outdated for you, you can bring your favorite family photograph to some bakeries that can print a photograph on edible paper. You can also make a collage of the best moment that includes everyone in the family with the mother. After printing them out, you can add the edible photograph on to a pre-coated cake. Use fondant to cover the cake because it is less oily and stiffer than butter cream. Use cutout fondant to frame the photograph and make the whole cake looks like an edible picture frame.






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