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Cake Decorating Ideas for Spring


Spring is a beautiful season of all, the weather is nice, flowers blooming and also it’s the season of love. Spring also a season where all the flowers blooming and start coloring the world with their petals and get rid of the white blanket of snow during winter. Spring season also a great theme for cake decorating ideas, as they’re perfect for any spring gathering. Today we will line up some Cake decorating ideas for spring for you.

Flower wedding cake

The first in our line of Cake decorating ideas for spring is flower wedding cake. As we said above, spring is the seasons of love, the seasons of beauty and also the seasons of flowers, this is why many people choose to hold their wedding parties during springs. Now, why don’t we bring the season as the theme of your wedding cake decorations? For spring weddings one of the most popular ideas is flower wedding cake. People usually have three levels of cake and have each layer decorated with icing sugar flower of butter cream flower which is only gathered in several places. But if you want, you can also make the flowers connected from the top to the bottom of your cake. For this theme, people usually choose rose as the decorations, but you can also choose other flower such as daisy or lavender.

Butterfly Birthday cake

Now this Cake decorating ideas for spring is probably best suited for your little girl birthday party. After all it’s spring cake, why don’t be bringing the butterfly in her birthday cake? Make some colorful butterfly with icing sugar for the decorations and add them to several places on your birthday cake, also if you like you can have some flower around the bottom of your cake too! Now if you want to bring it to the next level make a butterfly shaped cake! Make colorful wing of your butterfly, your little princess will definitely love it.

Meadow cake

We have the flower cake and the butterfly cake, now we will get meadow cake for the third Cake decorating ideas for spring. Cover the whole cake with grass green icing sugar until there is no butter cream left, the idea is to make it like a meadow. Don’t make the grass appear neat, make it as wild ad possible. Then, if you want, you can add butterflies or ladybugs flying on top of it, also you can several wild flowers blooming too.

These are only a few of many Cake decorating ideas for spring, what’s your idea?



Basket with Rose Creative Birthday Cakes
Basket with Rose Creative Birthday Cakes

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