Cake Decorating Ideas Supplies

Do you want to decorate your cake on your own? Or in some case, you want to start business on cake decorating? If the answer is yes, then these are some of the basic cake decorating ideas supplies you should not miss.

cake decorating ideas supplies

Confectioner Sugar

This is maybe the primary cake decorating supply.  Also called icing sugar, this item can be mixed with butter cream, gelatin, meringue and any other ingredients to form a frosting or icing to decorate a cake.  The sugar can also be used as topping and or to be sprinkled on cakes or cupcakes.


One of the most important cake decorating ideas supplies is fondant. Fondant is a dough-like substance that is very versatile. It is made out of confectioner sugar, corn syrup,  glycerine and gelatin. It can be used to cover cakes and cupcakes. The form of this fondant is quite malleable and tastes sweet.

The advantage of using fondant is that it will make cake look really beautiful because of the velvety porcelain look it gives. Fondant can be painted, stamped, cut, piped and quilted. You can easily tint white fondant using food coloring. Pre-colored fondant is sold in any cake supplies store. Fondant usually sold in tubs.

Gum Paste

Unlike fondant, this cake decorating ideas supplies is almost tasteless and harder. It is used for hand modeling statues and figures. It can be rolled in to a very thin sheet that is used for flower petals, leaves and very intricate decorations. The texture is very similar to fondant but when it dries, it will be very hard and therefore it cannot be used to cover a cake like fondant. Even though gum paste is an edible decoration, it is not recommended to eat it.


Sprinkles are the common cake decorating ideas supplies that can easily be purchased in local store. It comes in various colors and shapes. The most common shape is the elongated ones. Other shapes include stars, circles, balls or heart sprinkles. The color range from chocolate, pink, green, even rainbows. Sprinkles taste sweet and can be eaten.

Crumb Sealing Spray

This item is come in handy when you want to cover the cake with anything. It will prepare the cake and make it ready for decorating. There will be no more crumbs to deal with. There is no need to do a crumb coating. This Sealing spray can be applied minutes before you start decorating. Just spray it all across the cake and wait for 3 minutes. Your cake will no longer crumble so you can start icing and decorating without hassle. It really saves time and energy. The spray does not contain any color or flavor so it is safe to be used in any type of cakes.

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