Cake Decorating Tips

Cake decorations are one of the important aspect when making a cake other than the taste itself. Why? Because most people will interested in tasting your cake because of their first look, yes, looks are an important matter for cake. Also the decorating itself will also show, the theme of the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, graduations and many more. Today we will give you some tips on cake decorating tips. There are some important matter you’ll need to know and master before decorating your cake for your special one.

What’s the ocassions?

The first cake decorating tips is to find out what the occasion is. As we said above that the cake will determine the theme of the occasion itself, make sure you know what the occasion is before you decorate your cake. For example, if you want to make a birthday cake for someone who then you can’t just go there and bring your haunted house cake, it won’t suit the occasion. Unless the person is having a horror themed birthday party.

Frosting or Icing?

Basically, there are two kinds of cake covering, frosting or icing? Now, the second cake decorating tips is to find out which one suited your cake. Well, frosting and icing both has a different texture, obviously, if you want something more soft then you can use frosting. But if you want something more solid and you don’t fancy spreading something creamy above your cake, then you are an Icing person. There are many kinds of frosting and icing, ask someone more expert than you to find out which one suited your cake.

Choose your cake

The cake itself also an important aspect when choosing cake decorations. There are several kinds of cakes, there are cupcakes, Christmas cake, wedding cake, birthday cake and many more. Why is this important? Well, for example, if you want to make cupcakes then you’ll have to prepare to make small cake decorations which is different than bigger cake and so on.

Other options beside icing and frosting?

Who said that you can decorate cakes with icing and frosting only? Think beyond the normal! Instead of using icing sugar or frosting, try fruits! They also good for decorations and they also taste good for your cake. Beside fruits other edible decorations are drizzled chocolate, nuts, dusted cocoa, toffee, ice cream, wafer stick, cream, jams and many more. While those decorations are edible, you can also have inedible cake decorations, such as real flower, really great for spring cake.

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