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Celebrate Graduation with Themed Cakes

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in our life. It is always a sign of changing new chapter in life. Graduation is worth celebrated and what you need to celebrate the graduation is a cake. Here is some cake decorating ideas for graduation.

Blackboard Cake

Nothing is more nostalgic than the look of blackboard in a classroom. After graduating, one thing that we will always remember is when the teacher wrote down things on the board. This cake decorating idea for graduation even though at the first glance may look pretty simple, the whole cake displays neatness and elegance.

To achieve the dark board you can easily produce it at your own kitchen with dark-chocolate frosting. But if you think a plain empty blackboard is boring, you can spice it up by put some thematic writing or drawing on to the board. You can write mathematical formula, poems, pictures and sketches, or simply put school timetables. You can use lady fingers to decorate the sides of the board. It can serve as a frame. Your blackboard cake will look cute and realistic.

Graduation Caps Cake

Another cake decorating ideas for graduation is using graduation cap as decoration. Make small caps using block chocolate or fondant icing and arrange the small caps on top of a square sheet cake. By arranging the caps that way, the cake will look really cute. At a first glance, it will look like there are group of students who are about to graduate. As an addition you can put a small podium and stage made of chocolate or fondant icing so it looks like they are ready for the ceremony. You can add a non edible decoration such as a graduate statue holding a diploma next to the podium. You can also make one graduation cap to cover the whole cake.

Future Career-themed Graduation Cake

Can you imagine what you are going to be in the next 5 years? What career path would you like to take? Do you have certain dream for the future? Why don’t you put it on the cake? Future career themed is one of the cake decoration ideas for graduation that you can make to celebrate your graduation party.

Using fondant as the ingredient is the best choice because fondant is easy to work with. You can also use non edible decoration such as statue or building if you are not that artistic enough to create your own. Use butter cream to write down future wishes on top of a well covered cake also can be an alternative to decorate the cake.

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