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Despicable Me Cake Decorations Ideas


Despicable Me is one of the most popular cartoon nowadays, everybody knows what Minions are. Those cute little yellow creatures, they’re really perfect for cake decorations don’t you think? Yes, children love them, everybody loves them, and today our topic is Despicable me cake decoration ideas. Beside minions, there is also a lot of despicable me character that’s really great for cake decorating ideas, today we will try to line up some Despicable me cake decorating ideas for you.

Minions Wedding Cake

Most people think that a wedding cake should dramatic and serious and also beautiful, but if you and your significant other want something more funny and unique, but also cute for your wedding, then this minions wedding cake is a great idea. Minions are really great for every occasion, because they do Cosplay as well. Imagine having two minions dress in grooms and bride on the top of your cake instead of boring grooms and bride decorations? Very cute, right? Also, if you want to make it cuter, you have the other minions or other despicable me character seating around your cake.

Cosplay Minions cake

Probably you want to make a birthday cake for your friends or children? But they can’t decide whether they like avengers more or minions more? Don’t worry, minions do Cosplay as well. In fact, every popular character has their minion versions! Make captain America minion’s version if your child love captainAmerica, or if it’s for your friends who love Star Wars? Having a Yoda minion is a great idea too! They also great for Halloween if you don’t want spooky cake. You can have many Minions, vampire minions, ghost minions and many more.

Agnes and Unicorn cake decorations

Beside Minions, another cute character in Despicable me is Agnes! Yes, the youngest of three siblings of Gru’s adopted daughter is really cute to the max. Have Agnes and her unicorn on top of the cake, make them with icing sugar so they’re edible. This Despicable me cake decoration ideas is really great for a birthday, you can add your birthday message and their name around the cake. If you want, you can add some more little minions around the cake to make them cuter!

These are only a few of Despicable me cake decoration ideas, there are still many ideas out there. What is your favorite Despicable me cake decorations ideas? Cosplay minions? Agnes? Or you have more wonderfull ideas? Be creative! Good luck!









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