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Fancy Cake Decorating Ideas for Bridal Shower

Bridal shower is a special event resembles a bachelor night for the groom. This is the time for you to spend the last remaining days as a single lady with closest friends. You would want to make this a moment to remember. Prepare a well-organized party and don’t forget the cake. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the wedding cake, but make sure it is memorable enough. Here is some cake decorating ideas for bridal shower.

Fairy Tale Cake

This cake decorating ideas for bridal shower can make you feel like living a fairy tale because getting married is somewhat a fairy tale on its own for many young women. For you ladies who want to get on your feminine side by living a fairy tale story, put that into the cake. You can choose to be specific like use a certain princess from the fairy tale as a theme or you can just simply use a general idea of princesshood. A tiara, glass shoe, or golden cart are some of the signature fairy tale item. You cam bake a rectangle cake and cut it into the shape of a high heel shoe that resembles Cinderella’s glass slipper. You can also make a simple round cake, and add an edible tiara on the top of the cake. You can make the tiara out of fondant.

Wedding Dress Cake

Wedding dress is the most prominent symbol of a wedding especially for the woman. Brides give their utmost attention on the dress. This is why this cake decorating ideas for bridal shower will feature wedding dress. Make a wedding dress cake to light up the party. Use three layers of round cake as a base of the dress. The top layer will be the torso part, the second layer will form the hips and the first layer will become the base of the dress. Use fondant to create the drapery and flowing dress. Choose white fondant since this is the traditional color of the wedding dress. Add flowers and ribbon if you like on to the dress.

Castle Cake

Another fairy tale cake decorating ideas for bridal shower is castle cake. Create a cake that takes after a fairy tale theme makes a pretty sweet addition to the bridal shower. It can be a  three-dimensional castle or a two dimensional. If you have quite a large audience, you may want to to choose the two-dimensional since it is easier to be distributed to the guests. Add small decorations like flowers or fairy tale cart. or you can a small plastic statue of bride and groom in front of the castle.


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