Easy Steps to Make a Chocolate Gluten Free Cake Recipe with Fruits

To avoid people getting their gluten allergy, there is gluten free cake recipe. Gluten is contained in flour, wheat, and bread. Therefore, people who have allergy cannot eat these food or they will get abdominal sickness and it is chronic. The texture of this cake is smooth and the fruits give juicy flavors that are also safe for them.

Gluten-free cake recipe

There are many kids who can’t enjoy cakes because they are allergic to gluten. Now you can help them. Try making this cake into a shape of objects or cartoon characters to get their interest. If it is too difficult, you can just use the round or square pans. The cost of this cake will be $40 up to $50. Let’s make a gluten-free chocolate cake so that everyone can enjoy it.

Gluten-free cake recipe tips

  1. Make Sure All Ingredients Safe

Gluten can be a dangerous component in a cake if the baker is not careful with the ingredients choice. One thing for sure, you cannot use flour. Then how do we bake a cake without flour? This is the main question often asked. The answer is by using ground almonds. It has the texture of a flour can be used to replace it.  Almonds are nuts and nuts are gluten-free.

  1. Keep Your Tools Clean

Do not use your tools if they are not sterile. Why is it? It is because people who are allergic to gluten have weak bowels. Unsterilized tools may cause harm to them. For better safety, clean your tools before baking.

How to make Gluten-free cake recipe

Have you done reading the tips above? Now you know that everything must be measured carefully. These are the ingredients and the directions for making the cake:


  • 300 grams of ground almonds
  • 5 eggs
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 big chunk of unsalted butter
  • 200 grams of dark chocolate
  • 200 grams of chocolate chips
  • 100 grams of grated cheese
  • Sliced fruits (Blue berry, strawberry, kiwi, melon, orange)
  • 1 cup of strawberry juice


  1. Break the eggs and separate them into 2 different mixing bowls.
  2. Add the sugar and the vanilla extract into the bowl with 5 yolks.
  3. Beat it up for 5 minutes until it is mixed well together.
  4. Put the ground almonds and the chocolate chips into the bowl.
  5. Take the big chunk of unsalted butter and melt it.
  6. Pour the melted unsalted butter into the bowl, grab your wooden spoon and mix it well until it has the texture of dough.
  7. Grab the other bowl of egg whites and whisk them up until it turns fluffy.
  8. Put it into the dough mixture and mix them with the wooden spoon again.
  9. There, your dough is done. But wait, to give it extra taste you may add strawberry juice. Just don’t let the dough gets diluted.
  10. Put the dough into the baking pan and spread it nicely.
  11. Put the pan into the oven and bake it at 170 degrees for 40 minutes.
  12. When it is done, take it off the pan by turning it upside down.
  13. Melt the dark chocolate and spread it to cover the cake.
  14. Before it hardens, garnish it with grated sliced fruits on top of the cake
  15. Let the chocolate hardens and put the grated cheese all over the cake. There you go; the chocolate gluten-free cake with fruits is done!

More Gluten-free cake recipe tips

  1. You can use white chocolate instead of chocolate chips. Also, you can add grated orange pelt into the dough to create orange flavor. The taste of an orange is known to have a great combination with chocolate taste.
  1. Dark chocolate is known to have bitter taste; it will balance the other taste. But if you like it sweet, it is recommended to add sugar into the melted dark chocolate before spreading it to cover the cake.

It is a good way to be healthy yet you still want to spoil yourself. People with gluten allergy are allowed to eat nuts, fruits, milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Chocolate are made from cacao plant, which is safe to be eaten by gluten allergic people. Now you know what to be put into your gluten free cake recipe, you can be creative with it.

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