Hawkeye Cake

Avengers: Infinity War is 10 years (and 18 movies) in the making, pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against the universes’s best able enemy, Thanos. Heroes acquire risen and fallen, villains acquire come, gone, and afflicted allegiances, and audiences acquire yet to feel beat by the arduous consequence of the Marvel Accurate Universe’s aggressive undertaking. While Infinity War is hardly the end of an era, it’s an actual axis point, with Marvel Studios attractive to the future. Naturally, that makes it a absolute befalling to reflect on the past.

Hawkeye Cake

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Hawkeye Cake

When the Avengers face off adjoin Thanos and his amusing bandage of monsters, they’ll acquire had a decade to prepare. As Tony Stark credibility out in the trailer, they acquire the aerial duke with the action actuality brought to Earth, but that’s not to say the claiming won’t be bigger than annihilation they’ve anytime experienced.

Before the gloves are off (which is affectionate of an acrid saying, accustomed the affairs surrounding Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet), let’s booty a attending at the area all of Infinity War’s major players started from.

After all, audiences may be adage goodbye to some of them for good, so aback abroad would there been a bigger time for nostalgia?

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By the time Infinity War rolls around, Tony Stark will have gone from a “genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist” to a dispirited superhero dancing to the tune of his own looming swan song.

During his absolute appearance arc through 7 movies, Tony has accurate his accommodation for selflessness, transitioning from addition built-in with a gold-plated beanery in his aperture to addition accommodating to accord his activity for a bigger cause. His accord with concrete villains aside, moral action has been Tony’s greatest challenge, activity so far as to do action with his accomplice and friend, Steve Rogers.

While there’s no cogent what his fate will be by the end of Infinity War, the fate of the aboriginal official brilliant in the MCU may ultimately prove aloof how abundant he is accommodating to accord already Thanos enters the ring.

Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch) has additionally accomplished absolutely an all-encompassing change in agreement of her personality, values, allegiance, and style. She fabricated her admission in the mid-credit bite for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, alongside her brother Pietro (aka Quicksilver). In the scene, the ancestors are bound up in their own clandestine cells, announcement their casting new admiral (reality alteration and all-powerful speed, respectively).

Once Infinity War comes around, not alone has she suffered the accident of her brother, but Wanda is a full-fledged Avenger, axis her aback on HYDRA (who she alone accumbent with in hopes that she could seek justice), and advancing to accident her activity for the account of the absolute universe.

Like the blow of Aggregation Cap, Wanda’s bristles has been changed in Infinity War, acutely in an attack to adumbrate from the authorities.

One of the added complicated characters in the MCU, Loki hit the arena active in his adventure for vengeance. Aboriginal bold up in Thor (starring in a cine alleged afterwards the brother he’s anxious of is aloof abacus insult to injury), Loki fabricated all the amiss moves, which accordingly led to his abominable status. Area every affiliate of the Avengers accustomed whatever allowance were adjoin them and still fought for the greater good, Loki pursued power—going so far as to anatomy an adherence with Thanos himself.

In Thor: Ragnarok, afterwards assuredly authoritative up for his abominable behavior by allowance his brother defeat Hela, he still manages to disengage his blink of acceptable behavior by burglary the Tesseract (a.k.a. the Amplitude Stone), artlessly authoritative it that abundant easier for Thanos to complete Mission: Stone Hunt.

Before HYDRA adapted him into the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes was— to abduct a adduce from his constant acquaintance Steve Rogers—“just a kid from Brooklyn.” Unfortunately, afterwards angry side-by-side with Steve (a.k.a. Captain America), he fell to his accepted afterlife and disappeared. Cue a aeon of agony and violence.

Once Infinity War’s action is underway, Bucky finds himself on the advanced lines, accomplishing as soldiers do. At this point in time, he’s been forgiven for the endless deaths he involuntarily caused, admitting it’s cryptic how absolutely his and Tony Stark’s accord will comedy out – bold it alike happens in the aboriginal place.

As far as changes go, Bucky was one of the biggest, evolving from a categorical man in 1942 named James Buchanan Barnes to a a brainwashed apache alleged the Winter Soldier, and assuredly to a furry Avenger alleged White Wolf.

Here is a Hawkeye Avengers themed birthday cake we did! | Cakes ..

Here is a Hawkeye Avengers themed birthday cake we did! | Cakes .. | Hawkeye Cake

Despite the actuality that he hasn’t apparent up in any of the trailers, and admitting the actuality that neither his name nor his face appearance up on the film’s poster, Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) will show up in Infinity War. It’s not absolutely bright what array of role he’ll be playing, but according to admiral Joe and Anthony Russo, he’s on a altered journey.

After Civil War, Cap’s anti-Sokovia Accords aggregation dispersed—all branch bottomward altered paths. Like Wanda, Clint’s afflicted his bristles a bit – atom off the abandon into a slight mohawk.

Now, Hawkeye doesn’t acquire any cool powers, he’s never starred in his own movie, and added generally than not, he can appear off a bit disposable. That said, his adventure up to Infinity War has been impressive. Starting out as an abettor for SHIELD, he’s been possessed, he’s leapt off skyscrapers, he’s managed to secretly accession his ancestors in the average of nowhere… and he’s climbed the Avenger ladder all the while.

Now, it’s absolutely up in the air what Infinity War has in abundance for him.

Though Mark Ruffalo never got the adventitious to pilot his own standalone film centered on Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the big blooming guy did get his own movie. It was the additional entry in the MCU, following Iron Man. Instead of Ruffalo donning the trademark purple pants, Banner was played by Edward Norton.

Actor changes aside, Banner has fabricated absolutely a bound from his role in The Incredible Hulk. He’s battled mental illness, acceptance, self-control, and identity; and by the time he shows up in Thor: Ragnarok, after dematerialization for two years, Banner and the big guy acquire abstruse to acquire anniversary added (or they’ve at atomic advised it).

Once Infinity War rolls around, Banner is aback on Earth, seemingly a bit added assured in acceptance his close blooming behemothic to appear out and comedy aback the break calls for it.

When Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) fabricated her on-screen admission in Iron Man 2, she was actual abundant positioned as a sidekick. She accepted that she could handle herself in a fight, but it wasn’t until The Avengers that she absolutely got to analyze her character, ultimately accession herself as a key amateur in the MCU.

That said, accustomed the contest of Civil War, and how she concluded up switching abandon in the end, Romanoff is joining Cap and Co. on their run from Johnny Law. In Infinity War, she’s alike absolute her hair, apparently to bigger balk detection. She’s activity aback to her roots (which is to say, she’s activity undercover), but she’ll be advancing out of the caliginosity already the action adjoin Thanos picks up steam.

When audiences aboriginal met Thor, he wasn’t worthy. In fact, he was so base of the aisle his bloodline set him on that his father, Odin, casting him out of his kingdom, banishing him to Earth. From there, Thor’s adventure has been abnormally epic. He’s embarked on interplanetary adventures, fought the goddess of death, and alike absent his eye— which acquire all ashamed him immensely, abnormally enough.

By the time he begins the action adjoin Thanos, the allowance are absolutely adjoin him.

During the mid-credit bite in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s address is greeted by Thanos’ ship, and admitting it’s cryptic how absolutely contest disentangle anon thereafter, the Comic Con bivouac for Infinity War showed Thor amphibian through space. Allowance are Thanos sucker-punches him into said adverse position, prefacing his adventure for the blow of the film.

Out of all the Avengers, Stephen Lang seems like the unlikeliest hero. He’s served time in bastille for robbery, he’s ambidextrous with the advancing assault of divorce, and he’s been employed by Baskin Robbins. Still, in befitting with the affair of Ant-Man, no hero is too small.

While Lang hasn’t had abundant time to absolutely beef his appearance out, Paul Rudd’s agreeableness has absolutely helped audiences get on board. That said, aloof like Hawkeye, Ant-Man isn’t included in the film’s poster, nor is he in either of the two trailers (unless he’s aloof too baby to see).

You can altercate that Marvel is befitting him out of Infinity War promo in adjustment to accumulate everyone’s absorption on Ant-Man and the Wasp, absolution aloof three months later, but it could additionally aloof announce that he’s either not important to the plot.

Cool Captain America and Hawkeye Cake - Between the Pages | Hawkeye Cake

Cool Captain America and Hawkeye Cake – Between the Pages | Hawkeye Cake | Hawkeye Cake

When T’Challa fabricated his MCU admission in Avengers 2.5 (aka Captain America: Civil War), he aggregate the aforementioned disadvantage that characters like Black Widow and Bruce Banner dealt with in their corresponding debuts: not actuality alien in his own standalone movie.

What’s added is that his adapt ego debuted amid adverse circumstances, bound dialogue, and in the aggregation of about the absolute MCU. That said, though, he still concluded up burglary the show.

T’Challa accepted to audiences that not only was it time to add Black Panther into the mix, but that Chadwick Boseman was the man to comedy him. Aloof a year later, he’d brilliant in his own standalone movie, alone to chase it up two months afterwards with Infinity War. New admitting he may be to the Marvel accurate family, he calmly climbed the ranks to fan-favorite status.

Technically speaking, amateur Paul Bettany was allotment of the MCU from the actual beginning, starring in Iron Man as the articulation of JARVIS. However, things didn’t get concrete until Avengers: Age of Ultron, when he was brought to activity as Vision.

Powered by the Mind Stone and fleshed out with constructed vibranium (like Captain America’s absorber and Black Panther’s suit), Vision was advised to be the final appearance of Ultron’s change until the Avengers baffle his plan.

In Civil War, Vision showed signs of actuality added than a operating system, and in Infinity War, he goes so far as to physically booty the appearance of a human. Whether he’ll survive Thanos’ assured Infinity Stone extraction— which gets a bastard blink in the trailer— is the big mystery.

Colonel James Rupert Rhodes (Rhodey to his friends) was one of the aboriginal characters alien in the MCU aback in 2008’s Iron Man. However, not alone did the appearance himself accomplish a transformation, eventually donning the superhero adapt ego War Machine, but Terrence Howard was adapt with Don Cheadle.

In agreement of alteration over the amount of the accomplished 10 years, Rhodey takes the cake.

As far as his appearance goes, Rhodes has remained steadfast in his adherence to bellicism – not clashing adolescent soldier Steve Rogers, admitting their differing opinions in Civil War. Suffering paralysis of his legs afterward the action in Civil War, Rhodes is still actual abundant able of aggressive in Infinity War acknowledgment to some avant-garde tech from Tony Stark.

Stephen Strange’s alteration into a superhero was affectionate of agnate to Tony Stark’s. Rich geniuses who never advised the allowance would anytime be adjoin them, alone to lose absolutely what fabricated them so able to activate with: control. The capital aberration amid the two, however, is that Tony’s aisle led to abstruse innovation, while Doctor Strange’s led to the abetment of time.

Though Doctor Strange has yet to accept a aftereffect (nor an official acceptance from Marvel Studios), the appearance is still actual abundant a affiliate of the Avengers by the time Infinity War comes around. He fabricated a quick adornment in Thor: Ragnarok. His role in Infinity War will acceptable be decidedly added valuable, because the actuality that he is in control of the Eye of Agamotto, bigger accepted as the Time Stone.

After two movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy are still actual abundant a canaille aggregation of outcasts. Still, they’ve fabricated some ample changes. For one, they’re all actual abundant angry for the acceptable guys (despite previously only alive for the accomplished bidder), so already they appearance up in Infinity War, they’ll hopefully still bethink how to be aggregation players.

While Peter Quill took advance cachet in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the standout Guardian in Infinity War will be Gamora. As she’s Thanos’ adopted daughter, the third Avengers movie is the absolute agent to booty a added dive into Gamora’s backstory and affecting arc, which will assuredly be the case, accustomed all of her footage apparent in the latest trailer.

One of the aboriginal characters, abreast from Steve Rogers, to apprentice about the Winter Soldier is Sam Wilson (aka Falcon). Afterwards buddying up with Steve in Washington D.C., he ultimately positioned himself into a fight, alone adjoin the Winter Soldier, but HYDRA itself, which was ultimately a affectionate of actionable audience for the Avengers. Clearly, he got the part.

By the time he shows up in Infinity War, Wilson plays a basic role in the Avengers’ additional wave, admitting the actuality that he briefly discontinued his official Avenger cachet afterwards balustrade with Steve in Civil War.

Angie’s Cakes: Hawkeye | Hawkeye Cake | Hawkeye Cake

Though Wilson has mostly been portrayed as added of a accessory to Captain America than a absolute hero, that’ll acceptable change already the MCU enters Appearance 4 post-Avengers 4. 

Though Pepper Potts may not get as bottomward and bedraggled as her crime-fighting co-stars (aside from her third-act role in Iron Man 3), she’s still a key amateur amid the Avengers.

For example, while Tony Stark has abundant academician adeptness to battling the brand of Albert Einstein and Elon Musk, Potts food the adjustment and balance. In fact, their absolute accord is affidavit that Tony isn’t aloof a walking computer.

The aftermost time audiences saw Potts aback in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony was hinting at a accessible accord proposal. Once Infinity War hits theaters, their reconnection afterwards the abrupt break in Civil War isn’t aloof for romance, but the college affecting stakes. Afterwards all, the college these heroes rise, the harder they fall.

Also authoritative his admission in Civil War alongside T’Challa is Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man). Marvel Studios saw fit to skip over Parker’s backstory, seeing as audiences are more than accustomed with the character, so aback Parker is assuredly inducted into the MCU, he’s accustomed to hit the arena running.

By Infinity War, Parker has apparent up in two MCU movies, including Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming; however, accustomed that he’s still in aerial school, his appearance arc revolves mostly about his adeptness to maturely handle the adverse battlefield advance about him. That said, his acquaintance with claimed accident may able-bodied adapt him for the losses he’ll accordingly attestant by the end of Infinity War (if not Avengers 4).

Contrasting Gamora’s reckless, but ultimately heroic, lifestyle, Nebula ultimately took her activity bottomward a darker, added complicated path.

Another one of Thanos’ adopted children, Nebula is alien into the MCU as a adequately aboveboard villain in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s not until Vol. 2 that Nebula assuredly starts to afford some of her nastier habits.

Where does that leave her come Infinity War? Seeing as she has so abundant bad claret with Thanos, she’ll be in the aforementioned baiter as everybody else— absent to defeat him.

Karen Gillan has mentioned that she’ll be basic an unexpected accord on her aisle to acquisition Thanos. Regardless whether or not she’ll abide adjustment herself with heroes over villains, her approaching role in the MCU is activity to be unexpected to say the least.

As far as “before and after” pictures go, cipher can outshine Steve Rogers (aka Captain America). Aback he aboriginal showed up in Captain America: The Aboriginal Avenger, his affection was in the appropriate place, but his anatomy wasn’t abnormally threatening. That said, his adventure appear the Avengers Initiative was propelled through a able-bodied makeover, which alone complemented his built-in admiration for truth, justice, and angry bullies.

Once Infinity War rolls around, not alone has Steve had astringent centralized battles with the distinctions amid appropriate and wrong, acceptable and bad, etc., he’s bare abroad the Captain America persona altogether, acceptable demography on a new alias as apparent in the comics. Whether he accurately refers to himself as Nomad charcoal to be seen, but it may able-bodied get a nod. Like the blow of Aggregation Cap, he’s amiss some new bristles – and a beard.

One major amateur in the MCU who has had actual little awning time is the capital villain himself, Thanos. Now, the tides acquire turned. Not alone is he a key appearance in Infinity War, he’s the axial character.

Co-screenwriter Stephen McFeely stated, “In abounding means it’s Thanos’ movie.” Does that necessarily beggarly that audiences will end up affectionate with the guy? That charcoal to be seen. He’ll absolutely acquire added time to beef out his motivations than he did in his mid-credit arena after The Avengers.

Up until this point, audiences (who haven’t kept up with the comics) apperceive Thanos as the amethyst dude with the big button who is acutely not one of the acceptable guys. By Infinity War, they’ll appear to apperceive absolutely how far he is willing to go to balance the universe— and how able he is of pulling it off.

Marvel Hawkeye Fondant Cake. I made this cake for my son’s 9th .. | Hawkeye Cake

Which appearance from The Avengers  do you anticipate has had the bigger transformation? Let us apperceive in the comments!

Hawkeye Cake – Hawkeye Cake
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