How to Make Cake Balls, People’s Favorite Dessert!

How to make cake balls is one of the trending searches on the internet. Cake balls are popular nowadays and it becomes must-have cake in a party or other events. Actually, this kind of cake has been exist for quite some time.

Cake Balls

Cake balls are a cake with a shape like a ball and it is bite-sized cake. So, cake balls are small in size and round in shape. It is made of crumbled cake that covered with candy coating but the candy coating is optional because you can just eat the cake balls without candy coating. It is easy to make and it can be made into endless variations such as the cake pops and cupcake pops. For the texture, it is easily crumbled because it is frosted. So, you will get the taste by crumbling the text as soon as it comes to your mouth.

How to Make Cake Balls

These are the ingredients and tools that needed to make ± 48 cake balls.

  • Box cake with the weight ±18 ounce
  • Cake pan with the size about 9-13 inch
  • Large bowl for mixing
  • One 16 ounce container for the frosting process
  • Large spoon
  • Wax paper
  • Baking sheets and plastic wrap sufficiently
  • 32 ounces candy coating
  • Microwave plastic bowl

And now the steps for making cake balls are:

  1. Open the box cake and then bake the cake by using the cake pan. Then, let it becomes cool.
  2. After the cake is cooled, get ready for the next steps.
  3. The first process is crumbling. Crumble the cake into the large bowl. Then, cut the baked cake into 4 equal sections. After that, remove that sections and break it into a half. Rub the two pieces together and make sure that everything is crumbled. Redo that steps for each sections until it crumbles into a fine texture.
  4. Then, give three-quarters of the container for the frosting process. After that, mix it with the crumbled cake by using the back side of the large spoon.
  5. After you mix it, roll into 1 ½ inch balls with the round shape by using your hand. After done with it, place it on the wax paper-covered baking sheet.
  6. Next, cover it with the plastic wrap and put it into the refrigerator or freezer for about 15 minutes. If you want the good taste, do not make it too frozen just let it becomes firm.
  7. Put the candy coating in the microwave plastic bowl. It makes the cake balls covered completely with the candy coating.
  8. Then, melt the candy coating by following the instruction on the package. Put it on the microwave on medium power for about 30 seconds while stirring it once a while.
  9. Finally, it is time to coat the cake. Take a few of it and then place one cake ball at a time into a bowl of candy coating. Make sure that it is completely covered in the candy coating. Do not forget to lift it after it is done by using the spoon.
  10. Tap the handle of the spoon on the edge of the bowl until it falls into the bowl. By using this technique, you can create a smooth surface on the outside of the cake ball.
  11. Then, transfer it into the wax paper-covered baking sheet and let it dries.
  12. Do the same steps to the other remaining cakes and do not forget to dry it.
  13. If there is an extra candy coating, you can make use of a bottle plastic and drizzle it over the tops of the cake with the zigzag method to decorate.
  14. Do not forget to keep it in the refrigerator if you do not serve it at the moment.

How to Make Cake Balls Recipe Tips

  • The rolling process of the cake will be easily done if your hands are washed and dried during the rolling process. You have to make sure that your hands completely dry. In other words, do not let the water falls into the candy coating because it will be unusable.
  • To have bigger size of cake, you may use mini ice-cream scoop.
  • If you want to make less than 48 cake balls, just divide the cake into half for 24 cake balls or into quarters for 12 cake balls and make use the remaining cake for later use. Furthermore, remember to reduce the amount of frosting based on your needed.

After all, those are the recipe on how to make cake balls. It is not that hard, right? You can make it by yourself for your party or your own event. Now, you can share to others about how to make cake balls.

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