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Inspirational Cake Decorating Ideas for House Warming



Traditionally when we build or buy a new house, we invite our new friends or family members into the house by organizing a housewarming party. It is an informal party that usually features house tour and dinner. To add the festivity families use to present an appealing cake to their guest. Here is some cake decorating ideas for house warming.

House Cake

One of the favorite cake decorating ideas for house warming is the house cake. What is a house cake? House cake is a cake made look exactly like the house that is being celebrated. Start off my making a sheet cake. Make another pan of cake for the house. Cut the cake in to square or rectangular sheet depending on the shape of the house. Then create a base house with the cutout cakes. Use fondant to decorate the rest of the house. You may need to sculpt some parts of the fondant to give it a more realistic look. Once you’ve done with the house, put the cake on the serving tray. Add a sentiment on the cake that relate to a home. For example, you can write, “Home Sweet Home” or “Welcome to Our Home” or personalized it with your names on it.

Lawn Cake

If making a house is too difficult for you, let us simplify it by making the lawn only. It can be a nice cake decorating ideas for house warming since lawn symbolizes welcoming attitude. Make a basic square cake and place it on a serving tray. Roll out some fondant and tint it with grass green color. Cover the whole cake with the green fondant. Trim the excess fondant. Use lady fingers to create little wooden fence near the edge of the cake. Add some edible decoration like edible flowers and trees. You can also place little bench or picnic table to lighten up the cake.

Birdhouse Cake

Another cake decorating ideas for housewarming is birdhouse. Birdhouse symbolizes warmth of a nest and hospitality. Create the birdhouse using basic vanilla cake, and cover it with white or brown fondant. Add small edible birds on the birdhouse. Put the birdhouse on top of a regular sheet cake. To beautify the cake, you can add non edibles decoration such as trees or vines. To personalize the cake, write down sentimental heartwarming phrases. You can also write the name of your family on the side of the cake.




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